Physician Charge Capture

Electronic billing


  • Fully customizable, Web-based, no installation necessary
  • HIPAA compliant with industry standard encryption and safeguards
  • Eliminates paper billing
  • Integrates with eDocList sign-out
  • ICD10 code database
  • Export functions


  • Time savings – immediate access to the encounter
  • Cost savings - eliminate lost charges
  • Convenient – No longer a need to carry billing cards.
  • Eliminate lost, damaged, illegible, or incorrect billing cards.
  • Online corrections by coder with communication to health care provider

eDocBill is designed to substitute the billing cards you use to capture patient billing information for notes and procedures.

With eDocBill, you simply enter the information online and the program automatically tracks and maintains the billing data, relieving you of the cumbersome task of carrying paper cards, and giving your institution the security that no coding records will be lost.

eDocBill does not replace the method of billing that your coders currently use for insurance submissions. Once you enter the information into the program, your coder can then log in and mark the bill as coded.

eDocBill will allow your billers to focus on posting charges rather than wasting time tracking down paper bills.

Physicians may often lose or misplace billing cards. Or there may be a daly in submitting the bills. Many practices can lose up to 10% of their revenue due to lost charges and inefficiencies in billing. eDocBill provides cost and time saving opportunities. There is no longer a need to transport the billing cards to the coder. Once it is entered into the program, the coder can instantly retrieve the information.

Our program allows the physician to simply enter the diagnosis, which will then auto-populate the corresponding ICD9 code.

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