Is my patient data secure?

Yes. We take patient information very seriously. All information you store on the list is encrypted during transmission. Only you (and your group) have access to this information. All data is stored on a dedicated server and is not shared by any other organization or entity. We are 100% HIPAA compliant.

Can I try the program first?

Yes! We will set up a fully functional demo for 30 days so that you can test drive eDocList.com in your hospital's real world environment. 100% risk free. Request a free trial today!

How can an inefficient sign out process negatively affect my institution?

Not having an effective sign out process in place could result in patient discharge delays, duplicate tests and compromised patient safety. Duty hours make hand offs are even more important, as reported in the mainstream press. eDoclist can help minimize these problems by eliminating errors in communication. Communication failures during the sign-out process often lead to uncertainty in decisions on patient care. These may result in inefficient or suboptimal care leading to patient harm. Our program automatically date/time stamps all updates to the list so that you know exactly who made the note and what time it was made.

What is the advantage of a subscription model?

When you sign up for eDoclist, all upgrades to the software as well as routine maintenance are free for the life of your subscription. There are no maintainence fees, or the need to maintain the software on a local server - simply use your list and let us take care of all maintenance and upgrades - worry free!

How does eDoclist save my institution time and expenses?

When compared with other sign out methods, eDoclist is simple and intuitive. Time previously spent documenting patient information now can be spent on patient care. This time savings also translates into cost savings, making eDoclist.com an affordable investment for your institution.

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